Humerus Brace High Up

Humerus Brace High Up

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  • To immobilize shoulder motion and maintain compression for fracture.  
  • Alignment and healing for upper one third humeral fractures.
  • Functional brace indicated for closed diaphyseal fractures of the  humerus.
  • The brace, by principle of soft tissue containment, supports the  fracture and limits interfragmentary motion.
  • Adjustable velcro straps maintain desired compression lined with hygienic foam for comfort.
  • Allows the elbow movement to avoid stiffness for fast recovery.
  • Fits left or right soft hook and pile suspension strap passes across chest, back and under opposite arm.
  • Suitable for skin contact, does not absorb perspiration.
  • Does not support micro organisms growth.
  • Washable, odour free, tough, resilient and light weight.