Knee Immobilizer

Knee Immobilizer

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  • Helps in management of quadriceps rupture, patellar tendon rupture by immobilizing knee joints.
  • Used for management of  medial collateral ligament rupture.
  • It helps in rehabilitation of patellar fracture or dislocation, and  a limited number of other acute traumatic knee injuries.
  • Helps in treatment of sprain, strain, fracture and dislocation of  bone joints.
  • Maintains knee in extension position and prevent further flexion contractures.
  • Post Operative Knee Immobilization.
  • Can be worn both Pre & Post Grafting.
  • Useful for collateral ligament sprains and patella subluxation.
  • Immobilization is created with contoured posterior stays.
  • Provides support and stabilization of the leg and knee.
  • Soft outer foam laminate material adds comfort and shows less staining.
  • Hook and loop straps for easy closure.
  • The adjustable points make it easier to control firmness.