Static Foot Drop Splint With Detachable Bar

Static Foot Drop Splint With Detachable Bar

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  • Comfortable padded calf and ankle straps for additional comfort .
  • Shaped with toe wedge for additional stretch on plantar fascia.
  • Detachable derotation bar for easy adjustment of external rotation control of Boot & Bar.
  • Allows for controlled application of a prolonged stretch on the Plantar Fascia and Achilles tendon.
  • Light weight, sturdy, and flexible shell.
  • Adjustable bilateral Dorsiflexion straps.
  • Useful for bed ridden Patients under critical care.
  • Open and ventilated heal area prevents heal sores.
  • Suitable for skin contact, does not absorb perspiration.
  • Does not support micro organism growth.
  • Designed for right or left foot use.